Iím Karina Onofre, candidate for California State Assembly 74th District. I run to represent all the residents of Irvine, Newport Beach, Balboa Island, Corona del Mar, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa in Sacramento.

Born and raised in Orange County, I am a local who values and honors our beautiful beaches and warm bonfires, serene landscapes, exciting hiking trails, international cuisines, exquisite art galleries, bookstores, farmers markets, OC Fairgrounds, and our fun shopping! I am the first born of a family of six, and the only one in my family to graduate college. Growing up, I knew the cost of living in Orange County was expensive and higher than we could afford to live comfortably, so I quickly understood that the way to move up in life was through education, drive, focus, and determination. I obtained my double bachelor degree in Economics and Political Science from Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania -a whole new world, where I learned to be fearless on my own, expanded my wings, and prepared for take off.

I got my very first job at the age of 12, to first and foremost help my family. I was an honor student, involved with choir and theater, and President of the Student Body in the 8th grade -but I have always been ready to take on more. I have been in the real estate industry for over 11 years now, since the age of 18, and I absolutely love making people's dreams of homeownership come true. I have owned an H&R Block franchise as well, and co-founded a non-profit called Orange County Latino Outreach in which we have held seminars to help as a resource on topics such as Education, Employment, Healthcare, and Parenting. I am also the owner of a locally published magazine called Mundo Latino in which my dream is to serve the community as a resource, to motivate, educate, inspire and also evangelize as a passionate Christian.

A question Iíve heard is why I became a Democrat. People ask if Iím a ďrealĒ Democrat, or simply a woman who left the Republican Party. I want you to know--here and now--Iím a true Democrat, and if I were to pick the Democrat who best embodies my ideas, it is President John F. Kennedy. It's been now over 50 years of JFKís assassination; on the 50th anniversary of his death, many people stopped to remember much about his life, and asked who he really was.

Like the real JFK, Iím a fiscal conservative. As an elected State Assemblywoman, I will work to restrain State spending. As a small business owner, l will fight to help other entrepreneurs succeed and thrive because they are the backbone of a great economy. I plan to emphasize tax cuts for small business owners, who are Californiaís economic backbone and engines for job growth in our state. I believe these tax cuts can pay for themselves by increasing government revenue, generated from the new jobs, new companies, and new prosperity for California. I also look forward to working with international investors who see California as the sparkling jewel it is and increasing tourism to our borders creating more jobs and a more thriving economy! As well as working with advanced countries like Israel and building bridges through education exchange programs and so much more!

Like the real JFK, Iím a Christian, and very devout. I just came back from visiting Israel -The Holy Land, and it was a dream come true. From Tel Aviv, to Old Jerusalem, to Bethlehem -where Jesus was born, it was a beautiful experience, and I am looking forward to going back again. My faith is very important to me and my entire family who are very strong believers -some are even preachers. Asked if religion would compromise his responsibilities, Kennedy addressed this issue openly and directly, so no voters would have concerns about his faith. I too, will answer any questions from any voter about me or my background, and promise to tell the truth.

Another question asked me is about my youth. Of the two candidates running for State Assembly I am a millennial and I am the youngest. Like the real JFK, who was youngest President ever elected, Iíll bring my enthusiasm, energy, hard work and inspiration to this job. Sacramento needs my youthful enthusiasm! Sacramento needs my youthful energy! Sacramento needs my youthful stamina! Sacramento needs my hard work! Sacramento needs my youthful inspiration! And I promise to work for you!!

President Kennedy promised America he would "get the country moving again." This is my promise: Iíll get Sacramento moving for us! Kennedy said America stood, "on the edge of a New Frontier of unknown opportunities and perilsóa frontier of unfilled hopes and threats." Like Kennedy, I believe we must make the most of our unanswered future, so California can continue to be the best State in the United States.

Like President Kennedy, I have Big Dreams. JFK wanted the United States to be the first country to land a man on the moon. He did this not to spend money on wasteful government programs, but believed it was important to show everyone who was #1. I want a California where we will again be #1! #1 in job growth! #1 in education! #1 in equality and opportunity for all!

I came in 1st place in the June Primary with 46,077 votes -4,000 more than the politician incumbent. We are one step closer to getting elected into the State Assembly of California. God willing, with your Vote l will be elected and hit the ground running with so much work ahead of us to continue to make California #1 and the leader in America and in the world!!

Please Vote Karina Onofre for California State Assembly 74th District. www.KarinaOnofre.com and you may also reach me at voteKarinaOnofre@gmail.com

It would be an Honor to Serve You.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Karina Onofre

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