Karina Onofre is The American Dream fulfilled.
She is an American Latina, born and raised in Orange County who comes from a humble background, but with her talent and workethic, has risen above it all and become very successful.

Karina Onofre has many talents and gifts. While in high school, she was awarded a plaque from the U.S. American Legion for her 1,000+ hours of volunteer work, along with multiple awards from local state and federal legislators, for her leadership and aptitude, including an award from U.S. President George W. Bush.

Karina Onofre has always been a passionate person, with a strong desire to help the less fortunate become upward-bound and fulfill their American Dreams. She started a magazine called Mundo Latino World with the goal to educate, stimulate and inspire Latinos. Her magazine was completely free and distributed throughout Orange County. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez awarded her magazine for being the only free magazine that excluded pornography in its ads, since Karina wanted to ensure that it was a family magazine and children could read it as well.

Karina Onofre has also founded a non-profit called Orange County Latino Outreach in which she hosts seminars to awaken, inspire and motivate the Latino community -with topics including Immigration, Education, Employment, Healthcare, Parenting, and Enterprise, and invites local experts to speak, give guidance, and asnwer questions.

Karina Onofre has always been a leader. In school, she was elected Student Body President. She went to school in the east coast, and has earned a double degree in Economics and Political Science, with a minor in Spanish. She has several California state licenses, in Real Estate, Insurance, and Taxes and is an innovative and successful small business owner who knows how to balance the budget, analyze data, reduce costs, and maximize profit.

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